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Scott Brick and Johnny Hellers Customized Audiobook Workshop  (Day 2 Only)

Scott Brick and Johnny Hellers Customized Audiobook Workshop (Day 2 Only)


Scott Brick and Johnny Heller—two of the most sought-after audiobook narration coaches in the nation, with over 1400 titles between them—team up for the first time ever to bring you the most comprehensive audiobook narration workshop in the industry.

This event is designed to meet you at your current skill level and propel you to the next rung on your career path. While Johnny and Scott will start with entry level information and coaching in day one and masters level work in day two, both days will benefit you regardless of where you are in your career.

They will cover both the performance and business aspects of the industry, offering insights gleaned from their extensive experience, as well as that of their guest speakers: Christina Rooney, one of Penguin Random House’s top directors who will tell you how to land on PRH’s radar and tell you what producers look for in hiring narrators; and Jeffrey Kafer, an accomplished narrator and business consultant, who aids beginners and experienced narrators alike in navigating the confusing waters of ACX and will instruct you how to turn revenue-share opportunities into business gold.

Each day may be purchased separately, but the advantage in taking both days—both in knowledge, opportunity and savings—is tremendous.  The entire weekend will be tailored to meet the needs of each actor attending; newcomers can gain great insight from watching Scott and Johnny work with more experienced narrators, while audiobook veterans will be able to address specific challenges they’ve encountered in their careers and needs they want to address.

Beginning or advanced—no matter where you are in the field—this is a rare opportunity you can’t afford to miss. An audiobook career is an art to be pursued efficiently, and a business to be operated artfully.  Beginner or Advanced,  Johnny and Scott will show you how to hit the ground running, up your game, expand your capabilities, and improve your profit potential.

Day 2, Sunday Only
Audiobook, Level Two Workshop & Master Class

Students Will Learn:

Acting Choices
Learning never ends. Making choices. Knowing when the choice is right and when it’s wrong. How to adjust. What clues are in the text?
Business Overview
To succeed in the Audiobooks business, you need to stay in business! You are your business. Art requires action.
Managing Workflow
Efficiency is the key. Scott and Johnny explain how to improve throughput without sacrificing performance quality. When to say NO. Understanding your stamina vs your desire.
Home Studio or Production Studio
Managing/understanding expectations and what to expect in either studio set up.
How and where to focus your efforts, and grow your business. Web sites, social media and more.
Directed Readings
Have you fallen into habits? Catch them here, and break out!
Experienced audiobook narrators have sophisticated questions.

Scott and Johnny, and their guest speakers, know the answers. Advanced narrators who take both days can contact/meet with Scott and Johnny, either in person or via phone, to tailor the lessons to their individual needs.

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