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How do I unzip my download?

All Brick by Brick Audiobooks are delivered for download in a compressed format called zip. Some audiobooks are fairly large in size so they will also be split into multiple zip files, making it easier to download and preventing loss of data from failed downloads. To access the audio files inside the zip files, you will need to decompress (unzip) the zip files.

If you're on a Mac then it's easy - double click the file and you're done.

If you're on a Windows PC right-click the file and choose "Extract All" - you're done. If you don't see the "Extract All" menu option then try double clicking the zip file - if a new window pops up containing the audio files then you're in business - just press Ctrl+A to select all the files, then drag them into a folder or onto your desktop. If none of the above works for you then it looks like you don't have unzipping software installed on your system, so you will need to download an application to do so - 7-zip is a popular free option.

I get an error when unzipping or I am asked for a password when unzipping.

Problems with unzipping are almost always because of an incomplete download, which is usually due to a problem or interruption with your internet connection. The solution is to try downloading the file again. Note that if the audiobook comes in multiple parts, you will only need to re-download the part that you are having troubles with, not all of them.


CD Editions

How do I import an MP3 CD audiobook to iTunes or Windows Media Player?

Launch iTunes, insert the disc, then choose File > Add To Library. Select the audio files on the CD and they will be copied from the disc into your iTunes library.

In Windows, you will want to first copy the MP3 files from the disc to a folder on your computer. Then to add the audiobook to Windows Media Player, you can either: Select all of the audio files, then right-click them and choose "Add to Windows Media Player List" OR make sure the Library tab is active, then drag and drop the audio files onto the Windows Media Player window.

How do I import an Audio CD audiobook to iTunes or Windows Media Player?

Launch iTunes, then insert the disc which should automatically bring up a list of tracks on the disc - if not just select the disc in the sidebar under Devices. Then click the "Import CD" button at the bottom right of the main window. For more help, please visit the Apple Support article.

Launch Windows Media Player, then insert the disc. This should automatically bring up the audio CD with a list of tracks - if not, select the disc in the sidebar on the left. Then click Rip CD and the audiobook will be ripped to your computer. For more help, please visit the Windows Support article.

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