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Welcome to the exclusive audiobooks narrated and sold by Scott Brick.  

At long last all three books in the Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever series are available at Audible & Amazon!  During the next few months, these titles will be exclusively sold at Audible, and not available through other outlets, including here at the BBBA store.  So if you're looking for any of the original Thomas Covenant books, both the download and CD options show a sold-out status.  Once our exclusive window is over, we will resume selling our versions at the store.  The other Thomas Covenant titles - the Second Chronicles and Fatal Revenant - are not affected and are available now.

Still more exciting news!  We've just finished a systemwide update and now ALL the audiobooks sold here at the BBBA store are available in the new M4B audio format - in simple terms that means the audio files you download will act more like those from Audible.  No more downloading multiple mp3 files and this new format should be instantly compatible with your device player.  For more info you can visit the Help/FAQ page for detailed instructions and third party player app recommendations.  For those still wanting the mp3 format, just email the BBBA HelpDesk for assistance.

AND last but not least, we are selling featured titles by our author partners!  Now available: The Last Monument and Genesis by Michael C. Grumley and The Wreck, The Sail and The Cabin by Landon Beach.  Currently we are offering only download options but we will be adding CD options in the near future.  Visit the new Indy Author Collection Page and check out the new products along with a complete list of titles by BBBA indy author partners such as Michael C. Grumley, Tim Tigner and Landon Beach.  Looking for a title not sold here at the store?  You can now visit Scott's Main Site for a complete listing of his audiobook portfolio (well, it's still a work in progress but you should find what you're looking for) along with info and links to purchase at Amazon / Audible.  


Note to customers in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Africa Territories: all Thomas Covenant audiobook titles by Stephen R. Donaldson are not available for purchase (both download and CD versions) due to publishing restrictions. Many apologies for the inconvenience.